1/2 Weekly Basket


New Leaf Farms is proud to offer a limited number of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares for the upcoming growing season. Our CSA is a 16 to 20 week subscription* that entitles you to a ‘share’ of what our farm grows this season. By purchasing a share, you will have the opportunity to support local agriculture and receive some of the freshest, best-tasting produce around. You also become a part of the New Leaf Farms family.

*Mother Nature is a fickle lady, especially in Northeast Ohio, so the season start and finish dates vary based on variable growing season, we expect to start in late My/early June and finish in late September.



Crate of raw fresh vegetables from the farmers market, assortment of corn, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, beets, cabbage, parsley, tomatoes, isolated on light background
Crate of raw fresh vegetables from New Leaf Farms, assortment of corn, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, beets, cabbage, parsley, tomatoes, isolated on light background

How it Works

Purchase a ½ share and each week you will receive a basket with a variety of fresh, organically and locally grown produce.  It’s like being a farmer – without getting your hands dirty! Shares are delivered each week to one of several convenient east side locations. Or, you are welcome to pick up your share on Saturday at the farm.  We welcome your visits.

Unlike grocery store produce, even the organic produce, that is picked early to account for shipping and sitting on a shelf, we pick at the peak of ripeness, so you are guaranteed to get the freshest, most flavorful and nutrient-rich produce possible. The only way to get it to your table fresher would be to grow it yourself!

Local & Sustainable

Many people who participate in CSAs take pride in the fact that everything is grown locally and sustainably. Locally grown food has less impact on the environment. Our produce is grown within minutes of where you live, and has not been shipped across the country or world to get to your table. Joining a CSA also helps farms like New Leaf Farms maintain a tradition of small farms, one that is an important part of the history of Northeast Ohio. You are supporting our healthy future together.

Other Benefits of Membership

While there are many tangible benefits to being a part of the New Leaf Farms CSA, we like to think there are many intangible benefits as well. Many people tell us that being part of a CSA lets them feel closer to their food and the land. It’s the peace of mind of knowing not only where your food came from, but knowing the name of the person who grew it. You know your farmer. Members often find themselves watching the weather, thinking about how more sun or rain will affect the growth of their crops. They love the surprise and delight of seeing what grew that week. And for many, they enjoy feeling more connected to their community and more disconnected from the stresses of modern life and the city. Most of us will never have the chance to be a farmer, but becoming a CSA member brings us one step closer.


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